Tax and Incentives

Make use of incentives in tax management

There are government incentives that include tax-exempt benefits aimed at employing and manufacturing businesses to invest more and maintain their sustainability. Taking advantage of these incentives means reducing tax expenditures and thus creating additional finance. Therefore, tax exemption incentives that should be included in tax planning is one of the ideal ways to create financial resources.

How successful are you in tax planning?

Person(s) engaged in tax planning work for businesses need to implement the tax management model that offers maximum benefit. The possibilities offered by the state will inevitably be utilized for this to be possible. The simulation application is for the tax experts or managers both to ensure that they see their own situation about tax planning as well as maximize cash flows with the profitability of the companies a result of the best tax planning using state-provided tax incentives.

In this simulation study, it is aimed to plan the tax of the business in a highly competitive sector by utilizing government incentives. To reduce the tax expenses in the budget and to create additional financial resources by taking advantage of tax exemptions for investments, tax management knowledge and skills must be used fully.


Who Should Participate?

  • Managers and manager candidates
  • Finance specialists and accountants
  • MBA and Post Graduate Students
  • Prices are for single use.
  • Prices include the taxes.
  • It is a single player game against virtual opponents.
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