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Fincloud Finansal Yazılım Ve Danışmanlık Anonim Şirketi (“Company”) uses its best efforts to protect the personal data and rights of our valued visitors. The following articles stipulate information about the process of obtaining your personal data on the web site and including type of personal data we collect, purposes for collecting of such data, information on method of using the data, customer’s rights to change information on the processed data and our contact information.

1. Legal basis of processing personal data

The Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698, Protection of Consumers Law numbered 6502, Service Providers for Electronic Trades and Mediator Service Provider Regulation and Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messaging’s Regulation ( Elektronik Ticarette Hizmet Sağlayıcı ve Aracı Hizmet Sağlayıcılar Hakkında Yönetmelik ve Ticari İletişim ve Ticari Elektronik İletiler Hakkında Yönetmelik) stipulates provisions regarding processing of personal data or protection of personal data. Turkish Criminal Law numbered 5237 sets out various sanctions regarding personal data processing and data privacy.

We, as Company, need to process our visitors’ personal data to provide the best service.

2. Method of processing personal data

Company uses its best efforts to protect the personal data of its visitors’ and works with high-tech tools in order to provide data privacy. All physical, electronic and managerial measures are taken to provide security of the website. The whole data is kept and backed up in safe servers.

3. Purpose of processing your personal data

It is not required to sign up to our site or give personal information to visit or reach the general content of our site.

In case of requesting to sign up for our e-journal which notifies its recipients of services and promotions, or learn detailed information regarding our promotions, in order to give you a better service, we will need your name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, sex, date of birth, personal interest and such personal information. Sharing of such information with us will mean that you have read and accepted the Privacy Policy written in our website.

In order to ensure the services provided to you by the Company are properly provided, the information you share through our website must be true, trustworthy and be in accordance with the law. The Company holds no responsibility regarding conducting researching the truth of shared information and content. The personal information stored in the website are used to ensure the client satisfaction, notification of promotions and providing the demanded or authorized services or executing such transactions.

In order to support such uses, may use personal information to provide a more effective service for clients and users, give information regarding products or services which are being used by you, to enhance the web site or other related Company services and to lift the burden of repeating the same information thus making the use of the website easier, or to specialize the website for you using your special preferences and areas of interests.


In order to use your personal information for research purposes, the data gathered from web site visits and anonymous demographical information may be merged and this information may be used altogether to provide more useful information.

Your personal information being processed by the Company without your open consent will only be possible in the limited situations provided in Personal Data Protection Act numbered 6698.

4. Usage and Gathering of Collective Data Not Containing Personal Information

Aside from these information, collective data not containing personal information such as the frequency and timing of web site visits, checked out promotions could be used to analyse and understand visitor movement and preferences. These collective data are gathered through standard internet technology tools such as cookies and web beacons based on the way you use our web site and the access permissions of your device. These data not containing personal information are only used for statistical purposes and in no way violate the privacy of your personal information.

Cookies are files which save passwords when surfing the web in order to remember information when the same web site has been re-entered. You can delete all the cookies or data of a certain web site from the tools section of your browser or decline all cookies from the help section.

Web beacons and similar technologies are coding particles which enable communication with third parties from web sites, commercials and e-mails.

The company may send social, commercial or any other form of messages through SMS/short messages, instant messages, automatic search, computer, telephone, e-mail, fax (if connected to your device), Bluetooth and other wireless networks and other electronic communication tools to clients and users regarding the fact that the service provided in its area is in line with the current legislation.

5. Institutions Personal Data is Transferred to and Purposes

Herein this Privacy Policy framework, no personal information shared through our website by our clients and users are being shared n-or sold to third party individuals including other subscribers and clients in any case, and are not being used in any other way other than the scope of this policy.

However, in order to run its activities, Company may share gathered personal information with business partners and cooperation who has signed privacy agreements, with companies and individuals who has signed to secure data in cloud from inside and outside of country, with companies who are agreed to send electronical messages to clients, cargo delivery companies, Card Companies between Banks, other individuals who aim to provide a better service for clients, certain commercial agencies inside and outside of the country, petition companies, and other third party individuals from inside and outside the country who are working as partners with the Company.

Required forms of measures to ensure the protection of any information shared by clients and users and any form of transections have been taken in the systems of the related institutes and the internet infrastructure. Every form of credit card and other methods of payment shall be conducted online between you and the Bank and Credit Card Companies whose consent is independent from us. (Information such as Credit Card passwords shan’t be seen nor registered by the Company)

In any case whereas our site has given connection to other web sites for any form of use and transections, their Privacy Policy and terms of use shall be enacted. The Company may not be held responsible for any ethical values, privacy or service quality principles of commercials, banners, contents or data usage of any other web sites for different purposes. Our subscribers and users hold responsibility for decisions they make using any form of information, promotion, commercial, offers or links found in our web site and any form of transections and application and their consequences.

6. Your rights on your personal data

As per Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698, we, as Company, hereby would like to remind your rights below on your personal data. These are:

  • request information on whether your personal data is processed,
  • request information on the processing of your personal data,
  • request information on the purpose of the processing activity and on whether the data is processed in accordance with the specified purpose,
  • be informed of the third parties who received such data, within the country or abroad,
  • request corrections if the data was processed in incomplete or incorrect manner and request notification of correction to third parties to whom personal data has been transferred;
  • request deletion and purging of such data and request notification of deletion and purging to third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred,
  • object to adverse outcomes to be occurred when processing undergoes automatically;
  • claim compensation in case you suffer damages due to illegal processing of such data.

7. Updating of Personal Information

As Company, according to The Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698, within the scope of our obligation to provide process personal data as true and up to date, when your information has been altered, we request that you should contact us through “Communication” section of for us to update the information. In any other case, you can contact as whenever you wish to use any rights written above.

Company shall enact proper updates in any case of any change in the current legislation regarding personal information.

8. Regarding This Privacy Policy

Herein Privacy Policy is in force for only web site and is not viable for any other commercial or promotion seen on other websites owned by third party individuals.

In any case whereas our site has connections to other web sites regarding any form of use or transections, our privacy policy and terms of use will be viable. The Company may not be held responsible for any ethical values, privacy or service quality principles of commercials, banners, contents or data usage of any other web sites for different purposes.

Company hold the right of altering and updating the articles of Herein Privacy Policy without any notification in advance. Thus we advise our clients and subscribers to periodically check these articles and conditions.

Contact Us

In case you would like to exercise your abovementioned rights, we kindly request you contact us regarding any violation of this Privacy Policy.

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