Improving Investment skills via simulation

In this economic order in which the economic uncertainty is increasing day by day, it is important to be experienced as well as educated. Positions to be taken against the risks that emerge in the market and the steps to ensure assets are evaluated in the right investment channels require management skill.

Goal: Gain experience on Investment and Finance

Simulation applications are a realistic solution for every company and user who does not want to be satisfied with the theoretical knowledge. In this regard, simulation allows the measurement of practical counterparts of the knowledge in the field of finance. The fiction simulated for the acquisition of management experience is as follows: Participants are company managers in a highly competitive sector. They are expected to make decisions that are appropriate for the financial structure of the company, taking into consideration the changing external factors and conditions.

What is the advantage of the simulation?

It’s an efficient educational tool for improving the financial abilities of the employees of a company. It may also be preferred to measure the abilities of finance or non-finance professionals to be employed. Thus, the right human resource can be recruited.

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