Financial Management and Working Capital

Finance and capital are of great importance for the business. In order for a business to continue and maintain its operations, finance must be planned and managed in accordance with the operating objectives of the management. In this context, there are a number of concepts, disciplines and approaches that should be known about. In addition to being acquainted with these, it is also important to see what positive / negative reflections they will produce in the practical field. External factors are the financial condition of the business and a simulation game designed to gain the ability to manage operating capital against operating risks.

What is aimed with the application of simulation?

With this simulation which can be applied in a very wide range from undergraduates and MBAs to finance or non-finance specialists in a business, the practice of how knowledge of finance can be used in practice is being implemented. In this sense, it is expected that financial and operational capital management will be realized efficiently through different scenarios prepared with new approaches.

Are you ready for the game?

Participants are involved in the simulation as the responsible directors of a business operating in a sector where there is high level of competition. Although it can differ among the scenarios, it is aimed at raising the ability of making financial decisions considering financial statement analysis, external factors, different risks and situations. The participants who decide and take positions according to the scenario have the chance of observing the results immediately and evaluating their performance.


Who Should Participate?

  • All the non-finance professionals
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Undergraduate students
  • Prices are for single use.
  • Prices include the taxes.
  • It is a single player game against virtual opponents.
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