The hidden problem in management meetings

Doctors, teachers and other professionals, especially engineers, make up this gap by doing a master’s or MBA and try to stand out among their competitors. So how many chosen people may have the chance to do an MBA or a master’s degree in business administration? At first you need to save money and then make […]

Improving Investment skills via simulation

In this economic order in which the economic uncertainty is increasing day by day, it is important to be experienced as well as educated. Positions to be taken against the risks that emerge in the market and the steps to ensure assets are evaluated in the right investment channels require management skill.

How successful are you in tax planning?

Person(s) engaged in tax planning work for businesses need to implement the tax management model that offers maximum benefit. The possibilities offered by the state will inevitably be utilized for this to be possible.

How well do you know about budget management?

Proper management of finance for businesses and organizations is essential. In terms of money circulation, the level of attention on the budget management of large organizations is directly related to their specialization levels.

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