Practice in finance education is now possible with Infinite Balance

It consists of simulation games designed according to the needs of our corporate and retail customers.

Half-day or full day programs accompanied by moderator in classroom environment

Programs including short-time sessions extended to a certain period of time accompanied by moderator by means of remote connection method.

Practical supportive programs accompanied by specialist trainer following the finance training

Make a difference with Infinite Balance

Financial Literacy

Ensure the all employees learn the universal finance language and gain financial literacy.

Risk-free area

Experience the real business life with real competition conditions in a risk free environment.

Permanent Learning

Ensure a permanent learning by combining simulation and game.

Fast learning

Learn finance in a short time by having fun.

Improve your skills

Have professionals who improve their problem solving skills, make right decisions and increase the organization’s efficiency.

Performance Evaluation Instrument

Use it as a tool for hiring employees and for evaluating their performances.

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