Budget Management

Budget management covers annual plans for efficient use of available resources. To establish a high budget equation for performance, some disciplines need to be used. However, no matter what, it is not possible to fully or partially sacrifice the achievement expected or desired from the budget performance due to possible future risks.

No matter for what reason, it is never right to leave deviations occurring in the budget management to the flow of the process. This can be regarded as a complete sacrifice of the performance expected from the budget. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the deviations and to anticipate the risks beforehand and keep a series of measures available.

How well do you know about budget management?

Proper management of finance for businesses and organizations is essential. In terms of money circulation, the level of attention on the budget management of large organizations is directly related to their specialization levels. For financial statements to remain intact and to avoid financial crises, the person/persons to undertake the budget management need to take the necessary training discipline and test themselves with budget management simulations to be able to see their weaknesses.

Are you ready for the budget management?

Within this framework, we have prepared the best management simulation for our participants. You can buy the simulation packet for managing the budget of a business in a highly competitive sector. The goal of the simulation designed in a dynamic structure is the efficient use of resources in the direction of budget planning and the ability to produce solutions in the face of deviations that occur at the time of any crisis.


Who Should Participate?

  • Executive managers
  • Finance specialists and accountants
  • MBA and Post Graduate Students
  • Prices are for single use.
  • Prices include the taxes.
  • It is a single player game against virtual opponents.
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