About Us

Infinite Balance

The most enjoyable mode of finance training.

Infinite Balance started operating in 2012. It continues to work to extend the use of a new educational tool that will adapt to changing learning methods around the world. In this context, it developed simulation practices related to financial education and business processes which classical learning method makes difficult.

Innovative approach in training

Infinite Balance believes that the societies consisting of intellectual people will remain strong in a time when the competition is ever-increasing among the countries. However, in a time when accessing and reaching to information is fairly simple, the second important point is processing and using the information in a right way. The ability to interpret, process and evaluate information has become the decisive factor in the strategic decision-making processes of individuals or organizations acquiring knowledge.

Therefore, contrary to classical learning methods consisting of accessing to information, Infinite Balance works for the spread of practitioner training tool that teaches how to process and use information for the creation of human resources that can compete. Infinite Balance, which established its R&D activities on the financial field for now, will continue to be the subject of the steps taken to meet the needs of a competent human resource in every area with its simulation applications for different sectors of education.

Our Mission

Support and develop alternative learning systems.
Popularize importance of financial management and finance literacy.
Enable decision making skills based on financial knowledge.

Our Vision

Create best innovative learning tools and endear finance.

What did they say?

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