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Why Infinite Balance?

It’s easier to learn finance and acquire experience by Infinite Balance!


Gain a new perspective in finance education that seems difficult. Learn while having fun with gamified simulations and acquire new expertise.

Easy to use

Use the simulation without making any additional effort with its easy-to-understand language and user-centered interface features. Identify your position with real scenarios.

Learn much in less time

Apprehend the key information with the method of trial and error. And acquire more information in less time by realizing its effects and evaluating it.

Our Products

Our main simulation games…

Financial Managament and
Working Capital

It is aimed to ensure that the concepts such as basic finance, financial statements analysis and working capital are learned with practice and that the importance of making finance-based decision is understood.

Investments and
Cash Flow

It is aimed to teach with practice how companies can maximize their cash flows with an investment of right amount at the right time and to draw attention to the importance of the free cash flow ratio.

Tax and

It is a simulation game aiming to teach with practice how to make tax planning by optimally using governmental incentives, and to increase awareness.

Sales and Marketing

It is very important to increase your advertising and marketing activities to increase sales. As those activities are important expense items, by our simulation game, you are able to examine how much you have to devote budget and monitor the consequence on the financial statements in order to find the balance.

Budget Management

It is based on presenting with practice how to achieve budget targets, how to analyze deviations as well as the effects of such deviations on financial statements, and comprehending the importance of budget management.

It is time to discover Infinite Balance Simulation Games!

Find out about our simulation games!

Corporate Education - Real Players

Our interactive simulation games, based on real-time players, has been designed for our corporate customers. Excitement and learning take place in this platform where all the players in groups start at the same time in the classroom environment or by means of the remote connection, where score, ranking and competition are formed. You can contact us to purchase this option, which applies only to corporate sales.

Individual Use - Virtual Players

You can get the chance to improve yourself by experiencing our simulation games against virtual players individually. You can play the game which is available at online sales website whenever and wherever you like.

Exciting experience, attractive price…

It’s more than a simulation game; it’s an innovation in education.

  • Prices are for single use.
  • Prices include the taxes.
  • It is a single player game against virtual opponents.
  • Prices are not valid for corporate sales
  • Contact us for the corporate sales.
  • Please visit the FAQ page for more information.

Optional Services

In-class Moderator

Our competition-based simulation games among real people are services that are managed by a financial expert moderator in the classroom. Our moderators, who contribute to the reconciliation of gaming experience to theory, play an active role in making learning decisions permanent, as well as providing a questioning of cause-effect related decisions to the effects on financial statements. Our moderation services are charged on a daily basis.

Access to the Moderator Screen

The moderator screen is an independent interface from the player screen, which has the purpose of setting up a game, monitoring both the instantaneous and retrospective decisions and results of real players, managing the game, and recognizing moderator wide powers. To reach this screen, a license agreement must be made starting from 1 year.

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